Vision and Mission

Keeping in view the guidelines of the National Zoo Policy (1998), the objectives of Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, Patna have been framed as follows:

  • Conservation and captive breeding of different species, particularly the endangered and endemic species of the Gangetic Plains region for preservation of bio-diversity, exchange with other zoological parks and rehabilitation of suitable species in the wild.
  • Research and scientific study on animal behaviour, diseases and their control, feed and nutrition and reproductive biology.
  • Promotion of nature education and creating awareness about wildlife conservation.
  • To develop it as a training centre on management of wild animals including zoo designing for veterinarians, keepers, wildlife people taking advantage of the knowledge and experience gathered in captive management of wildlife here.
  • Providing healthy wholesome recreation to the visitors utilizing ambiance of the setting of the zoological park keeping in view the safety and upkeep of the zoo animals. Recreation shall only be incidental and shall not be the main objective at any time.
  • To develop the facilities in the zoo so that it can act as rescue-cum- rehabilitation centre for wild animals in suffering.