(Panthera tigris tigris)

Royal Bengal Tiger is a majestic animal, which is the largest member of the cat family and are renowned for their power and strength.

Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park is famous for captive Royal Bengal Tiger in its normal and white variant. At present Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park has four white and two normal colour Royal Bengal Tiger.

The history of Royal Bengal Tiger at Patna Zoo began in the year 1975 when Delhi Zoo provided one male tiger named MOTI. In the year 1980, Govt. of Assam gave two female tigress of wild origin. Name of these two tigresses were BULBORANI and FAUZI. After getting two female partners, Moti started breeding with these two female and the first tiger cub (female) born on 01.01.1983 from Bulborani which led to start of conservation breeding of tiger at Patna Zoo.

Till now Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park has provided some tigers to Ranchi Zoo. Several tiger were brought from different zoos to Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park to improve genetic diversity. Under exchange programme Shivpur, Hyderabad and Tirupati Zoos provided tigers to Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, Patna.

At present Bhima (male) and Swarna (female) who were received from Hyderabad and Tirupati zoos respectively are breeding pair, and three cubs have been delivered by them, who are surviving. The diet chart of tiger in Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, Patna includes 11 Kgs. beef per animal per day. It is standard diet and it varies with season to season.

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