Director's Message

Satyajeet Kumar,IFS

Director, Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park.

I am pleased to welcome you to our website. In Patna, Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park is a place of attraction for visitors, and it is only Zoo of Bihar. It is commonly known as 'Patna Chiriyaghar' or 'Patna Zoo'.

There are 108 different species of wild animals found in Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park, out of which 50 species are under endangered category. Total number of animals and birds in Patna Zoo is 1163.

An around 25 lakh visitors visit this Zoo every year and there is a significant increase in no. of visitors in last few years.

Patna Zoo is world famous for ex-situ conservation breeding of one horned rhinoceros. Other mammals such as Royal Bengal Tiger, White Tiger, Black Beer, Giraffe are also breeding successfully and constantly increasing number of healthy animals .

The botanical section of this Biological Park includes Aquatic Park, Medicinal Nursery, Fern House, Green House, etc. Aquarium, Aviary, Children Park and Boating facility is an added attraction for the visitors.

Zoo administration is fully dedicated for better health and nutrition of all the wild animals. In general, public utility facilities like Toilet, Canteen, Drinking water facilities, etc. are good but there is an ample scope for improvement.

Animal Adoption Scheme is going on in the Sanjay Gandhi Biological Park and I appeal on behalf of Patna Zoo to come forward and adopt animal that shows your care.

Since there is always a scope for continuous improvement in the journey towards excellence, your valuable suggestion and feedback is solicited.